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Together, We can boost the safety of every single Flight in this country by Training more Ground Pilots (Flight dispatchers).

It costs an average of 1,000,000 Naira to train 1 Flight Dispatcher in Nigeria.

My aim is to be able to Pay for the tuition fees of at least 20 Flight Dispatchers or more this 2020, in accredited Flight Schools in Nigeria.

I will send Monthly Updates on the Progress of this quest.

You may contact me on the link below if you need further clarifications.


Thank you for your time, donations, comments, advices and shares.

I am Victoria Jumoke Adegbe- A Ground Pilot and your SAFETY IS MY LIFE QUEST!





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Foremost Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed Aircraft Dispatcher and Ground Instructor, Mrs. Victoria Adegbe, has called for a review of the laws guiding Charter Flight Operations so that Aircraft Dispatchers can be mandated to ensure safety.

Featuring as the only speaker representing West and North Africa at the 6th Safety in African Aviation Conference held in Kigali, Rwanda recently, she stated that the safety rule in commercial aviation was the aircraft dispatcher.
Adegbe noted however that in the case of Charter flights; the dispatcher only has delegated functions but not responsibilities that ensure safety.


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