Quick Introduction To Flight Dispatch

Your First Dispatch Master Class in Text Form

What Flight Dispatchers Earn

Being a Flight Dispatcher can be amazing! The feel, the control, the sense that you are responsible for the safety of everyone’s life on a plane you dispatch can be quite overwhelming, yet satisfying.

However, as great as all of that is, what anybody who newly wants to join this profession wants to know is; How much is the pay? Is it good? Can I take care of myself and my family? Can I see more of this world? Here, I will brief you on the salary benefits and other benefits of being a Flight Dispatcher:

1. Salary ranges from about N100,000-N400,000 per month depending on the airline and your entry level. Most airlines start the new entries with about N150,000 per month.
2. When you upgrade to become a veteran or have a position of being the president of the Flight Operations Center, you can then get paid from N700,000-N1,000,000 per month (depending on the airline you are working with).

Other benefits include:
1. You get to fly around the world with your airline (you can take advantage of this opportunity to take cool pictures and have fun!).

Without further ado, if you are now interested in this profession, below are the requirements you need to become a Flight Dispatcher.


1. Basic School O’Levels and above: This means that whether you only have a secondary school education or a degree or maybe you are a professor! You can still become a Flight Dispatcher.

2. You must be from 21 years and above. Even if you are over 50 years of age, you can still become a Flight Dispatcher. Your age doesn’t really matter, as far as you can communicate in English effectively, you have no problems.

3. You must get into a Flight Dispatch school: Now I’m sure you know that nothing worth it comes cheap, hence, below are the school fees amount of Flight Dispatch schools
-Basic Flight Dispatch=N250,000
-Advanced Flight Dispatch=N300,000
NB: The class holds for a period of three months(6 weeks each for basic and advanced)

All in all, it will be a total of N550,000 and you need to complete both the basic and the advanced to get your license.

What I Will Do For You For Free

My dream is to see more Flight Dispatchers in the Aviation industry because, the more Flight Dispatchers we have, the less plane crashes we have.
This is how I will help 
1. You will get scholarships of N10,000, N20,000,or N50,000 off your whole school fees.

2. Free online tutorials so that you can be able to pass your exams with ease in the Flight Dispatch schools.

3. I will assist you in getting a job in the airlines once you have your Flight Dispatch license. This means that you don’t need to look for a job! I can easily assist you in getting one.

What You Must Do

1. Come to Aero Consult,

No.29 Adeniyi Jones Ave.off Oba Akran, Ikeja, Lagos.

NB: Aero Consult is the first privately owned aviation school in Nigeria and the second aviation school to be accredited by the government. It is the best privately owned aviation school available in Nigeria.

P.S There are only 15 Spaces available for the Lagos Batch and Registration For Classes start by 23rd – 27th of March, therefore if interested, you will need to apply as soon as possible and reserve your space by contacting the Whatsapp Details below.


Whatsapp Details


Victoria J. Adegbe

FAA and NCAA Licensed Flight Dispatcher and Ground Instructor.

Text Your Name, Location And If you are Interested in booking an appointment with Victoria adegbe at aero consult.

Registration for Flight Dispatch Classes starts at 23rd to 27th of March at No 29 Adeniyi Jones Ave. Off Oba Akran, Ikeja, Lagos.


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